My paintings are visual narratives, expressing the varied and changing cultural landscape of identities, values and beliefs that I have observed traveling through different parts of the world.

I use the figure as a vehicle for painting a state of mind and emotion. Although I usually begin with a photograph, it is merely a starting point for an idea or composition. Each piece rapidly takes on a life of its own.  Through the painting process, I seek a narrative richness, psychological nuance and ambiguity, pushing the boundaries beyond traditional portraiture.

The intimacy and humanism of studies of ordinary people by Goya and Rembrandt inspire me. In my own work, I often paint isolated figures with a haunting gaze, suggesting the current of anxiety that exists in today's world.

My moody and mysterious portraits evince strength, vulnerability and emotion while questioning popular ideas about gender, race and beauty. There is often a sense of loss and renewal.

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